How to Stay Safe On Your Bike This Summer

bike safety tips

The warm weather and sunshine of summertime are bound to bring more people out of their homes to enjoy the outdoors. With that said, there are bound to be more people enjoying rides on their bicycles when the weather permits. As a result, accidents involving bicycles are likely to be higher during the summer months. Understanding the rules of the road and … [Read more...]

Like the Surf Decor Style? Ideas to Steal

surf style decor

Nothing is more relaxing than that down-to-earth surfer mentality. While our Marlton apartments may not be by the beach, you can still add some surf decor to your apartment to give it a relaxing vibe. Here are some ideas to get you started with adding a bit of apartment design. White walls, wood, and natural textures: White walls should be a theme … [Read more...]

Take the Kids for the Day to the Franklin Institute

franklin institute in philadelphia

Almost every parent knows the feeling of hearing their kids complain that they're bored, right? Lucky for our residents here at Brook View Apartments that there are so many things to do in Marlton and nearby areas! One way to cure boredom while expanding young minds is a trip to The Franklin Institute. Kids can explore a massive Baldwin steam … [Read more...]

See What’s On Display at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Philadelphia Museum of Art

Culture lovers will find inspiration at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. If you’re looking for things to do in Marlton and the area, spending time looking at these famous works is one way to enjoy an afternoon. Picasso Prints: Myths, Minotaurs and Muses. Through August 3, this exhibition features the Spanish artist’s foray into classical … [Read more...]

Three Creative Ways to Use Windex In Your Apartment

things you can do with windex

It's pretty safe to say that Windex is a staple in every home. But did you know that there are many ways to use Windex that don't involve glass and mirrors? That's right, window cleaner is more multi-purpose than most realize. Here are three tips for using windex around the house that may surprise you. Windex is a great bug spray. It works on all … [Read more...]

Looking to Decorate? Unusual Gallery Frame Options

roped in frame

Your luxury Brookview apartment comes with grand amenities like a spacious 9-foot ceiling living room. We hope you used the living room ideas we posted to enhance your space; now follow these three apartment design tips for unique frame options to round it all out. Most people choose boring frames, yet some photos have greater significance than others … [Read more...]

Get Contemporary Japanese Cuisine at the Zento Sake Bar

Zento Contemporary in Philadelphia

If you're looking for good sushi or a new spin on your favorite Japanese dishes, it's time to try the Zento Sake Bar. One of the top sushi restaurants in Marlton, Zento Sake Bar combines a unique culinary experience with a stylish, unique atmosphere for a one-of-a-kind dining experience. Lead by the creativity and precision of Head Chef Sam Ho, … [Read more...]

Take the Kids for Some Hands-On Fun at the Garden State Discovery Museum

Garden State Discovery Center

If you’re looking for things to do in Marlton with your kids this summer, take a look at the Garden State Discovery Museum. There are all kinds of different activities your kids will delight in, like arts and crafts, science experiments, a climbing wall, and so much more in over 20 interactive exhibits. You can even rent the Discovery Museum for … [Read more...]

Have Dinner With Friends at the Historic Marlton Tavern

marlton tavern

There are many fine Marlton restaurants you can visit for a truly delicious and memorable meal with friends. Many are located right near our luxurious Brook View apartment community, where you can enjoy entertaining before and after your dinner. One of the best restaurants in the area is undoubtedly the Marlton Tavern Restaurant and Bar, which is a lovely … [Read more...]

Three Living Room Ideas to Enhance Your Space

Apartment decorating tips

If you are looking to move into our luxurious Brook View apartment community, it is a fine choice that should make you happy for many years to come. As you settle in, you will probably notice that, over time, you might seem to be running out of space in your home. This is a common occurrence, even when your apartment is more on the spacious side. However, … [Read more...]