Head Over to Bayard’s Chocolates for Sweet Treats

Bayard's Chocolates boasts some of the tastiest chocolate, candy, and like sweets found around your Marlton apartments.  Source: Facebook

Many people find chocolate to be their guilty pleasure. If you love the occasional sweet treat, you may be wondering where you can find something to satiate your sweet tooth. If you want to support a local chocolatier, head over to Bayard's Chocolates and get yourself a tasty treat. Bayard's Chocolates has a long history, dating back to 1939. They are … [Read more...]

Bowl a 300 at Laurel Lanes!

Have a blast bowling with your family and friends at Laurel Lanes.  Source: Facebook

Here at Brook View Apartments, we are always on the lookout for fun, family-friendly things to do near Marlton. We love outings that get the entire family out and active. One of our favorite places to spend a day playing together is Laurel Lanes. Whether you love to bowl are just looking for a way to pass a rainy afternoon, Laurel Lanes offers everything … [Read more...]

Check out The Kettle and Grille For Delightful Dishes

Kettle and Grille boasts some of the tastiest American-style cuisine found near your Marlton apartments.  Source: Facebook

We all tend to fall into ruts, like going to the same stores, wearing the same clothes, and eating at the same restaurants. Shake things up a bit and try something new. Kettle and Grille has some amazing food, and they are close by, so give them a try. If you love American comfort food, then you will love Kettle and Grille. They have great menu options … [Read more...]

Show your Pets How Much You Love Them

We love our pets and we're not afraid to show it here at your pet-friendly Marlton apartments! Post pictures of your pets on our Facebook page.  Source: Facebook

If you have a pet and are looking for things to do in Marlton, NJ on Friday, February 20th why not make it a pet pampering day? February 20th is Love Your Pet Day and there are countless ways to show how much you do adore your furry friend. If you have a cat then spend time grooming her and give her a play session with toys and ping pong balls. Dogs just … [Read more...]

February 17th is Random Acts of Kindness Day!

Celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Day by volunteering at a local food bank, donating blood or platelets, or a like activity.  Source: Facebook

Random Acts of Kindness Day is the time to step out of your comfort zone and do something nice for someone on February 17. There are things to do in Marlton, NJ that can service your community around your Brook View apartment to get you and your family involved. If you have a special skill such as cosmetology, you can give back to somebody who could … [Read more...]

Get Heart Healthy During American Heart Month

February is American Heart Month! We encourage everyone here at your Marlton apartments to get out, get some exercise, and make the most of your 2015 fitness goals! Source: morgueFile

American Heart Month is every February, and it kicks off a month long drive to raise awareness of the number one disease our country faces. There are many things you can do, like volunteer or hand out pamphlets, but probably the best thing you could do is to take healthier steps for yourself to ensure that you will not fall victim to heart … [Read more...]

How To Make Your Own Serving Tray

For anyone who enjoys having a lunch or dinner party, you'll want to make one or two of these DIY serving trays. Source: ABeautifulMess.com

If you are someone who often entertains in your Brook View Apartment, you may enjoy making your own DIY serving trays for special occasions. You can save money while creating an elegant way to serve your guests. Materials: Power Drill with Drill Bit Measuring Tape Marker or Pen Cutting board Long Bar Style Drawer Pulls Directions: Place … [Read more...]

Don’t Make These Common Decorating Mistakes

Here are some apartment decorating mistakes that you'll want to avoid here at your Marlton apartment.  Source: Houzz

When it comes to making your apartment feel like home, it is important to decorate inn your favorite style, but it is also important not to fall into decorating mistakes. With these ideas from Apartment Therapy on apartment decorating mistakes not to make. Artwork is Hung Too Hugh- All art wants to be hung at the same height, living on the same line. … [Read more...]

Reasons You Shouldn’t Use Your Phone As Your Alarm Clock

Here are four reasons why you shouldn't use your cell phone as your alarm clock.  Source: morgueFile

In an era of smart phones you might think there's no point to owning an actual alarm clock. After reading these four reasons to not use cell phone as alarm clock you might want to think twice about alarm clocks being a thing of the past. When you shut the alarm off on your cell phone, you might be tempted to look through your phone. Checking emails, … [Read more...]

Give Your Apartment A Bubbly Personality With These Neat Ideas

Here are some decorating tips for anyone looking to add a little quirkiness to their Marlton apartment.  Source: Houzz

Living in an apartment doesn't mean you're home can't be a reflection of your personality. There are all sorts of apartment decor ideas you can utilize without  violating your rent contract. Place quirky lamps about your living area. Flea markets and thrift stores can be a great place to find just what you're looking for at reasonable prices, or you can … [Read more...]